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The User/Buyer declares his/her full capacity to undertake and conclude this purchase Agreement for the Products on the Internet Website on the basis of this Online Sales Agreement. Savemore shall under no circumstances be responsible for verifying the capacity of visitors and Buyer of Savemore Internet Website. In the event that a person lacking the necessary capacity to transact (for example, a minor), submits an Order on Savemore’s internet Website, without prejudice to the parents’ or legal guardians responsibility for his Order and the relative payment, Savemore may refuse to accept the order. All transaction processed on this Site shall be regulated by these terms and conditions of sale and nothing else.

ESTABLISHING A CONTRACT The display of goods for sale on Savemore Site ( is generally an invitation to treat rather than an offer. The offer is instead fulfilled by the action of a User visiting the Site, selecting the item he/she intends to buy, indicating his payment method and completing and posting the form. The parties (Savemore and the User) further agree that the contacts made by the Seller through phone or email to confirm the placement of an order online does not constitute acceptance. Rather the offer of the User is only considered to have been accepted when the seller dispatch the product to the buyer and informs the buyer either by email or phone of the dispatch of the ordered item. However, in some cases the seller may ask the buyer to provide additional information such as telephone Nos. and addresses before an order is accepted.


 The Purchaser shall pay the price of Products purchased and any accessory cost, such as delivery costs, within the time-frames and in the manner indicated in the Online Sales Agreement.

 The Purchaser is strictly prohibited from inserting false and/or invented and/or fictional personal details and emails in the registration process required for activating the procedure enabling the conclusion of this Agreement. The details must be the actual and real personal details and not those of other persons. ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT The User (Buyer) accepts that all notice, agreements, and all other communications that may be provided or sent by Savemore to the Buyer electronically satisfy all legal requirement of a document been in writing. PRICING AND PAYMENT The price of products offered for sale on the Website are applicable within the content of Online sales and could differ from retail prices on the average market prices applicable for products. All prices quoted on our Site are in Naira net, excluding taxes or charges that may apply to the particular case. Savemore shall endeavour to publish accurate prices of products on display in our Site, however, errors are inevitable and may still occur. In the event that the prices of a product or service is inaccurately displayed in the Site, Savemore reserve the right to cancel any order for a product that was wrongly priced or mispriced and inform the buyer of such cancellation. Savemore has the sole discretion to refuse or cancel an order whether the order has been confirmed or the product has be paid for through a credit/debit card and a full refund of any such payment will be made to the Buyer. Every payment by the Buyer shall be made in one of the following methods: - Online credit card payment or cash on delivery. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY

 The Products on sale over the Internet Website are available during the entire time when published and within the limits of warehouse stock.

 By means of the telematic system, the Savemore ensures the processing and issue of orders received in the shortest time possible, depending upon the workload of Savemore and stock availability.

 If there is a total or partial unavailability of the product after submission of the Order by the Buyer, the latter shall be immediately informed of the unavailability of the Product and the total or partial cancellation of the Order by Savemore using the most appropriate means.

 In the case of total cancellation of the Order:  The Buyer shall be informed of the total cancellation of the Order.

 Savemore shall reverse all sums paid by the Buyer for the cancelled Order.  In the case of partial cancellation of the Order:

 The Buyer’s order shall be partially confirmed and the price shall only be paid for available products as indicated in the Order Confirmation email.

 The Buyer shall be informed of the partial cancellation of the Order.  The available products shall be delivered to the Buyer. DELIVERY This Site is operated only for delivery of products to buyers or customers within the geographical area called Nigeria. The product ordered by the Buyer on the basis of this Agreement shall be delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer on the order delivery address. Savemore shall, barring any unforeseen circumstances, endeavour to deliver goods within the time frame set out on our Site. Savemore shall not be liable for any delay or failure to deliver goods within the published time frame where such delays or failure of delivery are either attributable to circumstances beyond the control of Savemore or the seller. Delivery costs and any accessory cost (where applicable) shall be indicated and calculated in the purchase procedure before submission of the order by the Buyer. LIMITATION OF RESPONSIBILITY

 Savemore shall not be held responsible for inefficiencies resulting from force majeure, should it fail to process the order within the time-frames laid down by the agreement.

 Furthermore, Savemore shall not be responsible for damages, losses and cost incurred by the buyer following the non-conclusion of the agreement for reasons for which it is not responsible; the Buyer shall only be entitled to a full refund of the purchase price paid and any accessory costs incurred.

 Savemore shall not assume any responsibility for fraudulent and illegal use by third parties, of the credit cards, cheques and other means of payment, upon payment of the products purchased, provided it proves the implementation of all possible precautions, adopted on the basis of the best known skill, experience and due diligence.


The obligations undertaken by the Buyer above (Obligations of the Buyer), and the guarantee of payment due by the Buyer, are substantial obligations of this Agreement; therefore, the Parties expressly agree that default by the buyer of even one of these obligations shall bring about the legal termination of the agreement without the requirement of any judicial decree, without prejudice to the Company’s rights to take legal action for reimbursement of any additional damage.


The User or buyer shall indemnity Savemore its officers, agents, affiliates and employees against any claim or demand related or attributable to the User or buyer’s breach of these Terms and Conditions of sale. SEVERABILITY If any part of this agreement is or becomes invalid or ineffective, the validity of the other provisions shall not be affected thereby. In this case the invalid or ineffective provisions shall be replaced by a provision which comes as close as possible to the economic purpose of the invalid or ineffective provision. APPLICABLE LAW – These terms and conditions of use shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Any dispute which may arise in relation to the application, execution, interpretation of these terms and condition for any transaction concluded online over Savemore’s Website shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Nigeria. Disputes arising from this terms and condition of use shall fall within the jurisdiction of the court of the state of the registered address of Savemore.


Savemore reserves the right to amend this terms and conditions of sale without any notice to the User or Buyer. Changes shall only apply to existing purchases. The User/Buyer hereby agree that all notices, agreements and all other communications that are provided by Savemore electronically satisfy any legal requirement of documents required to be in writing. The User or Buyer shall not assign or transfer the purchase agreement or any rights hereunder.


 Savemore may change this Agreement at any time, through publication of the updated version, time and again, on the Website www.

 Any new clauses shall apply to sales made after publication of the relative amendments. USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION 1. To register on the website, you need to specify a login name and a password. Savemore only needs your contact information for issuing the invoice. You, the Buyer/User is responsible for keeping this information correct, confidential and up to date. 2. By completing the contract form you ensure and take full responsibility that the entered data truly identified you as a natural person or as a representative of the specified organization. If you place an order on behalf of an organization, you shall ensure that you have the authority to do so. 3. Savemore will not be liable for any consequences that may result from incorrect, incomplete or false information that the Buyer entered. 4. By placing your order, you agree that your contact and payment information may be used to process your payment and to execute your order. DATA PROTECTION Savemore shall take all reasonable measures to keep the Buyer’s personal information confidential and secure. Savemore will disclose your personal information to third parties only to the extent necessary to process your payment, to enforce and fulfill the purchase agreement, to comply with legal and administration obligations, or to prevent, detect and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities related to the use of the Website.