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SHOPPING ONLINE WITH SAVEMORE.NG Savemore is the preferred online shopping destination in Nigeria established to meets your convenience and online shopping needs. Savemore operate an online store where you can purchase all your home appliances, fashion items, electronics, computers, automobile spares, books and a lot more. All purchased items can be delivered to you wherever you need them. Savemore’s shopping experience allows you to shop with ease and guarantees you a very safe online shopping payment method. Savemore wide range of payment method allows you a convenient and stress free payment for all purchases made through us. What is more, our customers have the option of making payment on delivery for that extra convenience. Savemore provide you with a wide range of genuine products with good discount and best deals at uncontestable prices.


Savemore Ventures (hereinafter called Savemore) is a company incorporated in the Federal Republic of Nigeria with its registered office at No. 3, Emina Crescent, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos State sells in favour of the final consumer (hereinafter called the User or Buyer) who exclusively buys the product(s) ordered by the buyer from those found on the Site and available at the time by means of Online sales agreement. The Buyer declares and guarantees that the purchase of product on the Website is strictly for personal use. DEFINITION Savemore – refers to the judicial person providing the Online sales service. User or Buyer – means the physical person making the purchase on the internet Website. Parties – means Savemore and the User jointly. Online Sales – means the sales by Savemore of products over the website with online payment services. Products – means the material movable property sold by Savemore of goods manufactured by third party suppliers or Vendors which said goods bear the corporate names and logo of the company. Whereas Savemore is an online market store offering a wide range of products to its online customers. The terms and conditions stated herein shall apply and regulate all transactions carried on in the Savemore Site (hereinafter called “The Site”) and all its division’s affiliates and subsidiary internet sites. Whereas the Website is owned by Savemore Ventures (hereinafter called “The Savemore”).

The site Owners reserve the right to change, modify, add and/or remove portions of both the terms and condition of use at anytime, which also applies to the terms and conditions of sales. All changes and amendments to the condition of use and sale will become effective once they are posted on the Site and no other notice will be required or provided to the users of or sellers in the Site. All users are therefore advised to check the terms and conditions for regular updates. The continuous use of the Site by any user after each update of the terms and conditions of use and sales will be regarded as your acceptance of these amendments or review of these terms and conditions of use and sale on the Site. All users of the site are requested to carefully study the terms and conditions governing the use of the site as stated hereunder prior to their accessing the website as their access and use of the Site constitute their agreement to be wholly bound by these terms and conditions of use and sale. Whereas, the User agree that if he/she have any question touching on the clarification of the terms and conditions of use or sale, he/she will not hesitate to contact Savemore for clarification as no other terms and conditions, whether oral or written shall be incorporated hereto.


Savemore shall, under no circumstances be responsible for verifying the capacity of visitors or Users of the Website.

 In virtue of the Agreement, through the use of telematic instruments provided by Savemore, the latter sells and the Buyer respectively acquires at a distance the Products indicated and offered up for sale on the Internet Website

 The purpose of this agreement is the establishment of the rights and obligations of the Parties in relation to the sale of the products by the Company to the Purchaser. These rights and obligations are applicable without any exception to all sales completed on the Internet Website.

 The Products for sale on the Intent Website are illustrated on the as described in the relative information page. Nevertheless, the picture illustrating each Product is not necessarily the exact image of every Product; there could be a variation in colour, size and finishing.

 The Company reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time; nevertheless, any sale completed before modification of the Agreement shall be subject to the conditions of the former Agreement, including the prices and/or particular promotions.


The User/Buyer declares his/her full capacity to undertake and conclude this purchase Agreement for the Products on the Internet Website on the basis of this Online Sales Agreement.Savemore shall under no circumstances be responsible for verifying the capacity of visitors and Buyer of Savemore Internet Website. In the event that a person lacking the necessary capacity to transact (for example, a minor), submits an Order on Savemore’s internet Website, without prejudice to the parents’ or legal guardians responsibility for his Order and the relative payment, Savemore may refuse to accept the order. The User and Savemore agree that this Site will only be used or accessed with the stated terms and condition of use. This Agreement, available on the Website shall be accurately read by the buyer before completion of the product purchase process on the Website. Savemore, hereby grant the User/Buyer of the site a non-transferable, revocable and non-exclusive licence to access and use the Site in line with the terms and conditions of use stated herein for the User’s ultimate shopping experience for personal items sold on the Website, or searching for information on products and services available on the Website. Any form of use of the site on behalf of a third party is not allowed or acceptable. The license granted to the Users of the Site does not extent to accessing Savemore Servers or its internal computer systems or interfering with the functionality of Savemore Website, altering its software code or interfering and infringing Savemore intellectual property rights. All of these actions are strictly prohibited and any breach of these terms and condition of use and sales will result in the immediate termination of the license granted to such a User without any prior notification to such a User. Savemore reserve the right, at its sole discretion, upon determination that a user has breached the terms of use of the Website to deny such a User access to this Website and its contents. This action by Savemore is without prejudice to other remedies available to Savemore at law.


The user agrees with Savemore that certain services that are available on the Site require registration or subscription. Therefore if a User choose to subscribe for a product or service or register for any service on this Website, the User hereby agrees to supply accurate, current and true information about himself/herself, or itself (in the case of a corporate body) and shall inform Savemore of any changes therein from time to time. It is the duty and responsibility of all Users to preserve and protect their password and all other account details safe and secure. All account owners shall be fully responsible for all actions and activities that occur under their password. The Site shall not be liable whether directly or indirectly for any loss or damage of any kind arising from the failure of the User to protect his/her or its password. The User further agrees to receive promotional e-mail from the site at any time.